Malware removed

Just to let you all know that my website had been infected by malware which has been removed as of today. So I apologize for any weird messages you might have received in the last few days – that was not me but a bad bot which had taken over my website! If you see … Continue reading Malware removed

Just how to Create a Controlled Report

Creating Articles MediaWiki Language. NpWiki++ is made about the MediaWiki platform. Articles are created in MediaWiki Markup Language which gets converted for screen to HTML on. 50 Wonderful Posts and Documents on publishing — posts about composing — essays about Creating the very best essays, is overwhelming. Theres this requirement of the bizarre angst, mercurial … Continue reading Just how to Create a Controlled Report

One happy client!

Feedback like this is what keeps me motivated to keep going in this business: I was referred to Venky by a common friend fourteen months into my divorce case involving custody of a child. I only wish I met Venky as soon as I decided to file for a divorce. Venky, unlike an attorney, performed … Continue reading One happy client!

Finally one that got away …..

The mediation which appeared to be close to settlement failed (and ended my 100% settlement record!) – and as I realized long ago, you learn a lot more lessons from a single failure than from many successes. Following are the main reasons why this mediation failed: Parties had a new incident between them during the … Continue reading Finally one that got away …..

This episode to be continued ….

This was the first mediation that I had conducted where it did not conclude on the same day.  The reason was one of the parties suddenly informed me at around 11:30 pm that he had to leave at 1:30 pm. In this particular case, both parties had attorneys but chose to attend mediation without attorneys, … Continue reading This episode to be continued ….

Volunteer Mediator Certificate from SMU

Got recognized yesterday by SMU’s Conflict Resolution Center for my successful mediation efforts on their behalf …