One happy client!

Feedback like this is what keeps me motivated to keep going in this business: I was referred to Venky by a common friend fourteen months into my divorce case involving custody of a child. I only wish I met Venky as soon as I decided to file for a divorce. Venky, unlike an attorney, performed … Continue reading One happy client!

Finally one that got away …..

The mediation which appeared to be close to settlement failed (and ended my 100% settlement record!) – and as I realized long ago, you learn a lot more lessons from a single failure than from many successes. Following are the main reasons why this mediation failed: Parties had a new incident between them during the … Continue reading Finally one that got away …..

This episode to be continued ….

This was the first mediation that I had conducted where it did not conclude on the same day.  The reason was one of the parties suddenly informed me at around 11:30 pm that he had to leave at 1:30 pm. In this particular case, both parties had attorneys but chose to attend mediation without attorneys, … Continue reading This episode to be continued ….

Volunteer Mediator Certificate from SMU

Got recognized yesterday by SMU’s Conflict Resolution Center for my successful mediation efforts on their behalf …

What appeared to be a sprint turned into a marathon …

This mediation started off appearing to be pretty straight forward.  The parties had  Temporary Orders in place which they were following for almost a year.  And both parties confirmed that things were going pretty well and neither side had any complaints about the other. The problem was that one side just wanted to convert the … Continue reading What appeared to be a sprint turned into a marathon …

A settlement despite bloodshed!

Typically, when parties come to mediation, it is pretty much expected that there would have at least some “bad blood” between them, since they are in the middle of a conflict. However, in this case, actual blood had been spilt because one party had actually shot the other! Prima facie, it would look like that … Continue reading A settlement despite bloodshed!